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We offer revisions of pressure and gas systems for 20 years. We provide revision checks and tests for wide range of longtime customers including health care facilities, food processing plants, hotels, engineering industry, chemical industry, housing associations, etc.

Checks and tests of pressure systems

  • Operating checks, internal checks, tightness tests and pressure tests of stable pressure vessels

  • Training of the staff operating pressure vessels; methodological guidance of persons responsible for the operation of pressure systems

  • Categorization of pressure equipment according to Government Regulation
    NV 219/2016 Sb. (Collection of Law), PED 97/23/EC

  • Consulting in the process of approval and import of pressure equipment, translations of technical documentation from English

  • Compilation of basic data on pressure equipment

  • Pressure tests and tightness tests of pressure units up to the pressure of 100 bar

Checks and tests of steam, fluid and gas boilers
(up to the power of 35 mW or 50 tons of steam per hour)

  • All types of checks and tests of the above-mentioned boilers

  • Training of the staff operating boilers, the pressure section, stable pressure vessels, the gas section, low-pressure and medium-pressure gas boilers

  • Inspections of low-pressure boiler rooms pursuant to decree No. 91/1993 Sb. and Government Regulation NV 101/2005 Sb. (Collection of Law)

  • Compilation of local operating rules for boiler rooms using solid, liquid and gaseous fuel

  • Calculations of emissions and air pollution charges for boiler rooms according to Act No. 201/2012 Sb. and Act No. 25/2008 Sb. (Collection of Law), compilation of summary operating register SPE, compilation of client data into the system ISPOP, client account management system ISPOP

  • Representing operators of boiler rooms or technologies in negotiations with the Prague City Hall and ČIŽP (Czech Environmental Inspectorate) pursuant to Act No. 201/2012 Sb. (Collection of Law), as amended

  • Inspections, checks and cleaning of chimneys and boiler exhausts pursuant to decree of Act No. 34/2016 Sb.(Collection of Law)

Checks and tests of gas equipment

  • Low-pressure and medium-pressure industrial gas pipelines

  • House pipe lines and connections

  • Natural gas appliances up to 50 kW

  • Appliances with power of 50 kW and above (without pressure and power limitation)

  • Initial checks, strength tests, tightness tests and operating checks of all of the above-mentioned equipment

  • Training of the staff operating gas boilers, low-pressure boiler rooms, and other natural gas systems

Checks and tests of chimneys, certified measurements of emmisions

  • Inspections, checks and cleaning of chimneys and boiler exhausts pursuant to decree Act No. 34/2016 Sb. (Collection of Law)

  • Certified measurements of emissions of appliances above 300kW and up to 5MW pursuant to Act No. 201/2012 Sb. (Collection of Law) by a certified person

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